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Excire Foto

The powerful app designed
for easy photo management.

Excire Search 2

The best photo organizer
for Lightroom Classic

Excire Bundle

Excire Foto and Excire Search
in a powerful bundle

Which product is right for me?

Excire Foto is the right thing if:
You are not using Lightroom Classic and are looking for a powerful photo management software. Keywords can also be stored in photos or XMP files, so that they can be used in the Windows or Mac Spotlight search. In Capture One, these metadata can also be read (please study the Capture One manual!)

Excire Search 2 PRO is the right choice if:
Adobe Lightroom Classic is your standard photo management software. Because our Lightroom Classic Plugin “Excire Search 2 Pro” is integrated into Lightroom Classic. Then you have all the information you need to manage your photos and in Lightroom Classic you can also save metadata in photos or XMP files.

The functionalities are almost identical in both products. Please note, however, that the databases of both products are independent of each other and the images must be initialised for both!